Trailer for Gary Hustwit’s new film, Urbanized. The Barbican have a week of screenings, 16-23 December 2011, tickets and info here. Big fan of Gary’s work and this looks amazing. Can’t wait.


I’m a big fan of documentary film maker Gary Hustwit. He made the brilliant Helvetica, a film about a typeface, and Objectified, a film about the impact of industrial design on everyday life. Now he’s completing his design trilogy with the city-centred Urbanized, or at least he would if he had the money to do it. He’s looking for $85,000 to finish the film. I’d give it to him myself if I had it, I love his work so much. But I haven’t, so wisely, rather than wait for me, he’s started a crowdsourcing fund on Kickstart to get the last of the cash in, so if you fell inclined to turn your hard earned into a cinematic masterpiece you could do worse than click here.


Just ordered my one-sheet poster for Gary Hustwit’s new film Objectified. It’s going in the kitchen next to the poster for Gary’s last film, Helvetica.

The film got its world premiere at SXSW in Austin last Saturday. The London screening is in April but it’s sold out. Which is a bugger because I was too slow and didn’t manage to get a ticket (Gary, if you’re reading this, please, I’d be very grateful). If you’ve now idea what I’m talking about, here’s the Objectified trailer.

If that looks liks something you might be interested in then check out the Helvetica trailer.

Gary is also on Twitter @gary_hustwit

I’ll stop now.

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