Heard this song last year on Jools Holland. Loved it. Forgot about it. Just heard it again and remembered what a winner it was. You’re welcome.


Love this track, Sun Of A Gun by Oh Land. Love the video even more. Even better is her website, very neat, minimalist design.


This is King Jim. He’s from London but he wears plaid shirts and does Americana like he was born with a broken heart and nothing but an acoustic guitar and a desert highway for company. We’re not talking Mumford & Sons flouncing. We’re talking beautiful campfire tenderness that will take your emotions and wring every last tear from them. Don’t believe me? Go here and download his debut EP. It’s free. It’s a very limited release. It’s the first of three and you’ll kick yourself if you miss it.


Went to see the legendary Buck 65 [above] last night at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Buck, was, as usual, everything you could ask a lo-fi, DIY hip hop legend from Halifax Nova Scotia to be: dark, dirty, surreal and comically twisted. The man is a lo-fi, DIY hip hop legend for a reason. Did I mention he’s a legend? However, the evening’s excess of amazement wasn’t just limited to the Buck. Support came from Spanish one man a cappella army, Hyperpotamus[below]. He does that thing where he live samples his vocals to build up backing tracks which he then sings over. It’s not a new trick. I’ve seen plenty of people do it, but none as entertainingly as this. The videos on his site don’t really do him justice. Much better to see him live if you get the chance.


I have interviewed Jay Kay from Jamiroquai many, many times. I interviewed him again recently for the cover feature of the Mail On Sunday’s Live Magazine colour supplement. I will add it to the interview/journalism page soon. In the meantime you can read it on the Mail’s website here. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers (unless I wrote it); he’s charming, funny, always entertaining and one of the few interesting people in music – I wouldn’t keep interviewing him if he wasn’t. Music could do with more like him. Gawd bless you sir. A true gent and a scholar.


Typical. Just minutes after describing Theophilus London as what Kanye would be if he was cool and not a complete arse Kanye puts this out as a reminder that sometimes he is cool, not a complete arse and is never to be underestimated. Arse.

Kanye West feat Dwele – Power


Just discovered Theophilus London. I know, I’m a little behind the times, but probably still three years ahead of Q Magazine. He’s had three mixtapes out from what I gather: Jam, This Charming Mixtape – apparently he’s a big Morrissey fan, but don’t hold that against him – and at the end of April he put out the brilliant I Want You.

I can’t get hold of the first two and most of the links I found to I Want You were broken. However, I found a SoundCloud playlist here. Not ideal, but well worth sticking with. Make the most of it while it’s still there.

He’s like what Kanye would be if he was cool and not a complete arse.

Evidently there’s an album on the way, so for more info Theophilus’s website is here and his myspace is here.


Vice Magazine and Intel have put together The Creators Project to showcase the work of influential and inspiring musical innovators and creators. Diplo, Peaches, James Lavelle, Phoenix, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Mark Ronson and film maker Spike Jonze all feature.  Including an exclusive interview with each artist, videos and biographies it’s really very good.


Greatest rock video ever. Stadiums? Check. Guitars? Check. Girls? Check. Hanging out in guitar shops in black and white while smoking cigarettes, signing autographs and generally looking like you don’t give a fuck? Check. Sometimes it’s worth watching as a reminder that this is what being in a rock band is meant to be like.


Ben Folds pays tribute to Chatroulette’s Pianoman Merton. Genius.

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