Two amazing Japanese TV ads from the ’90s starring the one and only James Brown.

A prime example of how some people can be and can act so uncool that they become a whole new definition of cool. Far from being his ‘sell out’ moment, the ever individual Brown embraces the act of selling just-add-water-instant-noodles so fully, and with such complete disregard for what the viewing public might think of a legend of his stature and credibility quite literately selling his soul, that he delivers a soul-selling-noodle-ad like only James Brown could, and that in itself is amazingly cool. Misoba!

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I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I’m writing a book. I’m meant to be avoiding the internet. Which doesn’t mean I’m not watching endless TED videos and reading author interviews on the Paris Review website, it just means I’m not reposting any of them here. So, I’m half avoiding the internet. I shall return. Love you all xxx


Tennis – Origins (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from RichsLaw on Vimeo.

New favourite track: Origins by Tennis [or is it the other way round?]


Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Jalouse blog on Vimeo.

Fantastic viral ad for French fashion mag, Jalouse. Bam, hipster from the book store.


Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative from 99% on Vimeo.

Great talk from ‘renowned media guru’ Tony Schwartz (no, me neither) about how it’s not how much time you have, but what you do with it that counts. The obvious is stated repeatedly – it’s not multitasking, it’s spreading yourself too thin; giving your full attention to one thing results in better work than giving a little bit to everything; email is evil, but addictive; working instead of sleeping will not make you more productive – but all of it is worth hearing again, especially Tony’s suggestion that our ability to work follows the same 90 minute cycle format as our sleep. Basically, everything he said explained my current struggle to get my head into anything like a creative space, so in future I’ll be sleeping more and turning the internet off.


So, having complained that there are in fact bugger all ‘ones to watch 2012′, I have been pointed in the direction of Red Kite. They release first single Montreal as a very limited edition on Dec 5, and if it’s anything to go by, a large part of 2012 might well be theirs.


So, after hours of listening to ‘ones to watch 2012′ tracks posted on Soundcloud by various PRs and record labels, the only one which really did it for me was Lana Del Ray’s Video Games, which has been kicking around for months now. Still, it is good. Like her description of herself as ‘the gangsta Nacy Sinatra’ too.


Current favourite song, Breaker by Low. Can’t stop playing it. Had it on constant loop for hours. Be warned though, the video will put you off cake forever.


Trailer for Gary Hustwit’s new film, Urbanized. The Barbican have a week of screenings, 16-23 December 2011, tickets and info here. Big fan of Gary’s work and this looks amazing. Can’t wait.


Great short from the The Avant/Garde Diaries series, with blogger Peter Henderson talking about The Barbican, one of my favourite places in London.


Excellent short film about the internet and how we’re all going to be nodes on a big super connected network of exciting shit in the future. Can’t wait. Can I get a jetpack with that.

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