I think there might be something wrong with me. I have developed something of a crush on Sasha Grey, superstar p0rnstar of the twitter generation; she of the exceptionally deep throat and no gag reflex.

The thing is, I prefer her with her clothes on. Which is good because following her appearance in ad campaigns for American Apparel and a role as a high class escort in Steven Soderbergh’s much overlooked (well I liked it) art-house film The Girlfriend Experience, Sasha’s making a bid for a full mainstream crossover. She’s already made a low-budget horror and did six episodes of US TV series Entourage (so far so p0rnstar) and has three films coming out in 2011, including I Melt With You starring alongside Rob Lowe. More importantly though, she’s self-styling herself as pop culture icon with a book, Neu Sex featuring her own photography (of herself) and thoughts, opinions and writings (on sexuality, the entertainment industry and her life in general) which even at a glance suggests she has all the instinct, belief and attitude needed to be the real thing.

Evidently there’s more to Ms Grey than her ability to make even the most hardcore of p0rn lovers blush. I know very little about her and I’m fascinated already. I would love to interview her, preferably for as mainstream a magazine, newspaper or website as possible. If any editors want to commission a feature on Ms Grey please let me know, I can’t help feel that 10 years from now, if not one of the biggest, she’ll certainly be one of the coolest stars around.


Reyner Banham Loves LA. They don’t make documentaries like this anymore. More’s the pity. Actually really makes me want to go back to LA… or at least LA as it was in 1972.


Hey Ya by captaincordis
Love this cover of Hey Ya by Captain Cordis aka Anna Ponto. Came across it and her via Imogen Heap. Check out Anna’s other stuff on SoundCloud too, great voice.


Because a) I never get tired of watching it b) the way he says res-o-lu-tion c) everything he says is absolutely true. “It doesn’t fit in a Rolodex because it doesn’t belong in a Rolodex.”


A Brief History Of Title Design from Art Of The Title. Superb short film on the evolution of titles with a nice run of shots from Saul Bass‘s game changers – The Man With The Golden Arm, Anatomy Of A Murder, Vertigo, NorthByNorthwest.

I love films. But sometimes I think I love trailers more. There should be an Oscar for best trailer – the ability to make a bad film look amazing means that they are surely the highest, and most valuable, art form. The only things that equal the importance and thrill of trailers are opening credits. They set the tone, the atmosphere and the pace. They manage expectation and can make or break a film. Really good ones can standalone as stunning pieces of cinema in their own right. Art Of Title celebrates those first few minutes in all their forms from the the fully formed title sequence (see Vertigo, Se7en, The Game, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Casino Royale) to the scene setting sequence where film’s set-up provides the titles backdrop (Bullitt, Dirty Harry, It Might Get Loud, Moon). Great site. Prepare to spend a very long time here.


Tell me you follow Terry Richardson’s tumbler/photo blog. What?! What’s wrong with you?! Go here now.


Heard this song last year on Jools Holland. Loved it. Forgot about it. Just heard it again and remembered what a winner it was. You’re welcome.


Love this track, Sun Of A Gun by Oh Land. Love the video even more. Even better is her website, very neat, minimalist design.

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